What Our Families Say

"I'm extremely pleased with Wishmoor care home. My nan is well looked after and always happy when visiting or speaking to her. The staff do a fantastic job, always friendly and happy. I recommend this home highly"

Grandson of Resident

May 2021

"My dad has been a resident at Wishmoor for over 3 years and although we have always been happy with the care he receives, it has improved still further in the last 18 months.
Dad has advanced dementia and is sometimes difficult to manage but he is always treated with respect and dignity. The management and carers have got to know him well and it sounds as though he is one of the family and much loved. What has particularly impressed us recently is the focus on Personal Centred Care. Time and effort is spent on discovering a resident's past: things and people they loved; the career they followed; favourite music; pastimes and so on. This knowledge helps residents who have very little memory and understanding, connect with their past, find joy in the familiarity and engage in more meaningful activities. Efforts are also being made to meet Dad's spiritual needs. His Christian faith was hugely important and we hope it will be possible for him to receive comfort in an appropriate way".

Son of Resident May 2021

"Blossom House is a well-established care home. The staff are quite special in the day to day management. It is a real joy to see the smile on the service users faces it is so special. This is a well-run home and I commend it"

Friend of Residents JH and GH

April 2021

"The personised approach has been clear to see over the last year. Care plan meetings and regular calls to check in have helped to alleviate worries and concerns. Creating an environment where my dad's interests can be explored and encouraged especially in a time where family visits are a rarity has been crucial. Newsletters and social media interactions are lovely too".

Daughter of Resident 

March 2021

"It is so reassuring to know Mum is with you and being so well cared for.  Her room looks very nice and cozy!".

Daughter of Resident JC

"Thank you all for everything you do. You have no idea how much we as a family appreciate you all and what you are doing for our Mum".

Daughter of resident JH.

"There are no words to convey my gratitude and appreciation for how Mum has been cared for during her recent, but sadly last, illness. I try to understand how extremely difficult this year has been for you all, but fear it is probably even more challenging than that. My heartfelt thanks go out to each and everyone of you, including cleaners, maintenance, cooks, carers, activities, administration, management and owners (and anyone not mentioned here) – thanks for the team effort that is needed to keep mum well cared for. Your thoughtfulness and professionalism at this most difficult time is truly appreciated and admired".

Daughter of resident.

“I just wanted to thank you all for the care and support you gave my lovely mum. You made the last 4 years of her life happy & comfortable and I am so grateful for all you did for her, and myself in her last weeks with you. You were kind and caring in her final days, I can’t thank you enough. Wishmoor became part of my life and it feels strange not to be visiting mum and talking to you all”.

Daughter of resident JS.

“My Son and I would like to thank you all for the care and patience you have shown to B during his short stay”.

Family of B.

"I would like to thank you all for all your love and care, you have shown to E over the past year. By what I have seen over the past 2 years, E feels loved and cared for and has now become part of what I see as a happy family."

Chris, Malvern

"I just want to say a big thank you for looking after my mum. I know she was happy and well cared for. You are all angels without wings."

Pam - Malvern

"My wife suffers with dementia, and can be very difficult at times. I go to see her about once a week and have a meal with her; she no longer recognizes me. Whenever I go she is always clean and well dressed, it marvels me how they seem to care so well; and so nice to see her smile when they speak to her."

Frank - Malvern

"I cant express my gratitude enough for all the kindness everyone showed towards my mum."

Hilda - Germany