Philosophy of Care

We are a small family run business and as such recognise the importance of the basic human need to belong and feel valued by those around us.

At Blossom Care we have a simple and compassionate philosophy to those we employ and the people for whom we provide care.

We believe that the principles underpinning person centred care are reached through good relationships and open communication with staff, residents, families and friends.

Treating people with Dignity and Respect is absolutely fundamental to how we run our business and our homes. Each person will be treated as an independent individual who is able to continue to exercise choice and control within their lives.

Individual rights will be respected and we firmly believe that emotional and physical well-being is enhanced through the provision of meaningful occupation allowing people to continue to have a fulfilling and relevant life-style. Knowing our residents preferences and choices throughout their lives is central to this philosophy.

We operate systems which encourage residents and staff to be involved with the day to day management of the home and to provide constant feedback to help us improve the service.

We believe that providing care is a continuous and ever changing process, as diverse as the people who live and work with us. Our responsibility is to ensure that we remain responsive and flexible and listen to the people for whom we care and employ.